Dr. Arnold's "Immediate Release" Articles

Occasionally, something gets published that cannot wait for Dr. Arnold's monthly newsletter but needs to be sent out immediately due to the urgency of the information

2011 "Immediate Release" articles

Post-Workout Nutrition: How Much Carb/Protein Is Best? 8.22.11

Beta Alanine: A New Supplement for Football Players? - 7.20.11

Treadmill vs Elliptical Training: How Running Shoes Cause Injury - 7.19.11

Sunscreen Recommendations / Coconut Oil for Athletes / IT Band Syndrome Exercises - 6.27.11

Landmark Study Shows Benefits of Spinal Maintenance Care - 5.19.11

Football Helmet Safety Rating System Released - 5.12.11

Meet the New 'Superfruit'! - 2.15.11

Take a 2nd Look at Your Orthotics- 1.19.11

2010 "Immediate Release" articles

Football Helmet Safety: Not What You Think - 10.25.10

Chiropractic Adjustments Shown to Increase Immunity - 9.27.10

Do You Want Prescription Drugs With Those Fries? - 8.24.10

Preventing Cancer With Clay - 7.12.10

What You Must Know About Muscle Milk - 6.25.10

2009 Nutrition "Press Releases"

Chiropractic Adjustments Lower Dangerous Inflammatory Protein - 9.24.09

Harvard Study States Supplements The Best Way to Get Vitamin D - 12.12.09