Why Chiropractic Works

For the athlete as well as the office worker

“Look well to the spine as the cause of disease.”


#5: Strengthen Your Immune System

In a 2010 study, chiropractic care significantly increased levels of 2 immune system proteins, IgG (which help fight viruses) and IgM (all infections).

#4: Decrease Inflammation

In a 2009 study, Chiropractic adjustments significantly decrease an inflammatory protein called TNF-alpha.2, found in high levels in patients suffering from asthma, Crohn's disease, heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

#3: Improving Blood Flow

In a 2003 study, spinal manipulation significantly increase blood flow to the legs.

#2: Decrease Pain

A 2008 study showed chiropractic to immediately decrease elbow pain.

#1: Increasing Your Flexibility

Because Chiropractic affects joint movement, it can decrease pain by improving your range of motion.

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